Guy Magee

Guy Magee is a tenacious family lawyer who thoroughly understands the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. Transitioning from a career as an electrician, Guy discovered his passion for law and in 2020 secured a full-time role as a Client Service Officer and Court Officer for all five Justices of the Family Court of Australia. The following year (2021/2022) Guy served as a Legal Associate to a Justice of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 1). This invaluable opportunity allowed Guy to participate in and observe many Trials, Interim Hearings and Direction Hearings.

From his experiences at the Family Court of Australia, Guy developed practical communication skills, patience, and strong attention to detail. He is a personable and empathetic family lawyer who handles each matter with the utmost respect and discretion. Guy believes strongly in reaching amicable resolutions by mediation and collaborative law when possible. He finds this a cost-effective, time-efficient, and peaceful approach for all parties involved.

Guy has career aspirations of becoming a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and eventually an accredited mediator.

Being able to work with people directly and assisting them in reaching their desired outcomes is what Guy enjoys the most about the industry. Because of this, he is an active member of the Queensland Law Society and Family Law Practitioners Association QLD (FLPA). This allows him to engage with like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration to provide clients with the most effective advice.

Outside of work, Guy enjoys spending valuable time with his young family. He is a dedicated sports fan, especially in rugby league and tennis.

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