Jennifer Hawke

Discover the expertise of Jennifer Hawke, Senior Paralegal specialising in Family Law at Ramsden Family Law. Recently immersing herself in the warm and positive vibes of the Gold Coast in August 2023, Jennifer is dedicated to bringing her diverse legal experience to support families through their legal journeys.

With a foundation in Commercial Law studies from the prestigious Law Institute Victoria, Jennifer’s professional journey includes roles as an Executive Personal Assistant/Paralegal in Property, Commercial, Litigation, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Her vast experience and warm approach make her an invaluable asset to the Ramsden Family Law team.

Jennifer’s legal career choice is rooted in her desire to bring energy and diversification to the legal sector, ultimately ensuring positive experiences and outcomes for Ramsden Family Law clients.

Beyond her legal prowess, Jennifer is a dynamic individual with various interests. From Saturday morning Park Runs to boating, sailing, golf, snow skiing, tennis, cooking, wine tasting, and even Wednesday evening table tennis matches, Jennifer embodies a holistic and vibrant lifestyle that aligns with the ethos of Ramsden Family Law.