Tara Purll

Tara Purll is a promising legal professional completing her Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the coming months. Having gained invaluable experience in Family Law and Employment law across various firms, Tara has recently joined Ramsden Family Law as a Law Clerk.

Scheduled for admission to the legal profession in mid-2024, Tara Purll is propelled by her passion for understanding clients’ unique circumstances and assisting them in achieving their desired outcomes. With a dedication to fostering favourable resolutions and building strong client relationships, Tara integrates her diverse life experiences into her legal approach. Her background in competitive sports, academic excellence at St Hilda’s School, and poised demeanour reflect mature handling of legal matters and client interactions. Tara aims to establish a welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their needs and concerns openly and communicatively.

Tara Purll is particularly passionate about supporting families through challenging experiences related to parenting, relationship breakdowns, and family dynamics.

If you require confidential advice regarding a family law issue, we encourage you to contact our family law team today.