William Richardson

William Richardson is a thoughtful and analytical lawyer who always approaches new tasks with an open mind. When meeting new clients or taking on new cases, he starts by asking questions to understand the main issues clearly. This allows him to quickly grasp his clients’ goals and keep them in focus throughout the legal process.

William Richardson entered the legal field in 2019 after completing his Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He has been exclusively practicing family law since 2021.Prior to this, he worked as a Judge’s Associate for three different Judges across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. This experience gave him a unique insight into navigating the court system alongside his clients, aiming to help them understand the practical aspects of litigation so they can make informed decisions.

Driven by his determination to find the best solutions for his clients and his passion for learning, William takes a personal interest in understanding each client’s circumstances and considers their individual legal options.

Outside work, he is an accomplished musician with a Licentiate Musician of Australia (LmusA) accreditation with Distinction for Oboe (Performance). He also enjoys reading on a variety of topics and spending time by the ocean.

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