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Paul Lewis Mediation Services

Paul Lewis Mediation Services

Evolve Legal - About Paul Lewis

About Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis is an accredited mediator with 30 years mediation experience. Paul has helped hundreds of mediation clients across a wide range of disputes. Family law mediation and the mediation of other family disputes are his primary specialisation.

Paul is an Accredited Specialist in Dispute Resolution and an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, through the Law Society of NSW. This is professional recognition of his expertise in both mediation processes and family law.

Mediation clients choose Paul as their preferred Mediator because of his communication and mediation skills, and his long-standing experience in family law. As a result, Paul brings a flexibility to mediation processes so that each mediation is adapted to the needs of the clients.

What Type of Mediation is Offered?

As a subject matter expert in family law, Paul offers an evaluative model of family mediation. Evaluative mediation is well suited in financial cases, however, it can also be applied in parenting cases with appropriate enhancements or additions to the process.

In Sydney, Paul was an early-adopter of evaluative mediation in family law financial cases. He started doing evaluative mediation as an alternative to facilitative mediation in 2006. Evaluative mediation is best described through the following statement:

The mediator, with the permission of the parties, may introduce an evaluative part to his/her role during the mediation on the basis that any professional opinion given to the parties, or either of them, is done in a way which may allow the parties to determine the final form of the outcome between them. If so, the evaluative part is not legal advice, nor is it a substitute for each party obtaining independent legal advice.

The Timing of Mediation

Court rules mandate that parties attempt mediation, or other forms of dispute resolution, away from Court, and before a Court application is filed (with exceptions, for example, in cases of urgency or family violence.) Paul’s mediation services are suited to financial cases during the “pre-action” stage. Paul can also be engaged as a Mediator when litigated cases are approaching a final hearing, in parenting and/ or financial matters (“late-stage mediation.”)

How Do I Start the Mediation Process?

Mediations can be booked for either a half-day session (up to 3.5 hours) or a whole day (7 hours) on a fixed fee basis. Ramsden Family Law can provide the mediation venue, at our offices, at no additional charge (subject to availability). Online mediation may be provided for clients that live interstate or overseas, or when a party has physical or other accessibility issues.

If you have any questions in relation to the mediation services provided by our firm, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Evolve Legal - How Do I Start the Mediation Process?

Information for Lawyers

We put your clients first when offering our mediation services. We can design a dispute resolution process that suits the specific needs of your client and their family. You and your clients are welcome to talk to us about the specific needs of the family before booking a preliminary conference. If we talk to the lawyer for one party before booking a preliminary conference for that client, it is our practice to suggest that we talk to the other party’s lawyer, to ensure that our impartiality is transparent and understood.

The best rendition of mediation is face-to-face participation where everyone consents to an in-person mediation. Shuttle mediation may be used when it is an appropriate alternative.

Suggestions and Options

Based on our experience, here are several tips or suggestions:

  1. Legally assisted mediation is a good option when a client wants the support of their lawyer in the room and when a matter is complex or difficult for other reasons.
  2. Some clients choose to attend mediation without their lawyer – check this out with your client (they may want to minimise costs.) Paul is equally experienced in mediation with parties attending without their lawyer. (He practised as a community mediator for 25 years, where parties attend without lawyers.)
  3. Many clients are comfortable to attend their preliminary conference without their lawyer (unless the party is vulnerable, in which case, a support person can attend.)
  4. A short, separate preliminary conference for the lawyers can be arranged, at no additional cost, for mediations involving two parties.

If you have any questions in relation to the mediation services provided by our firm, please click the button below to contact us.


Published Writing and Conference Papers

Please click HERE to view a list of published writing and conference papers of Paul Lewis.

Additionally, please let us know if you would like a copy of any of the articles listed.

Mediation Pricing with Paul Lewis

Mediator's Fees and Expenses Mediator's Fees and Expenses

  • The fee for a half-day mediation session (up to four hours) is $3,300 inclusive of GST.
  • The fee for a whole day mediation session (up to seven hours) is  $5,720 inclusive of GST
  • Additional fees may apply for matters involving 3 or more parties; a fee estimate is provided in such matters.

These fees include the costs of each party’s preliminary conference (up to 90 minutes and reading time before the mediation) (30 minutes per party).

Additional Fees Additional Fees

Additional fees will be charged for the mediator’s time at the rate of $770 inclusive of GST per hour when:

  • The half-day mediation session continues beyond four hours
  • The whole day mediation session continues beyond seven hours
  • further attendance unique to the matter or a party are required before or after a preliminary conference or before or after a mediation session
  • Additional fees may apply for matters involving 3 or more parties; a fee estimate is provided in such matters

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