Drug Testing

Science, Drug Testing, Substance Abuse and Family Law: Marrying the Science With the Law


Unfortunately, substance abuse is increasingly common in family law and requires the utmost empathy and care especially when navigating children’s welfare. In this article, Accredited Family Law specialist Daniel Rod explores the detection of substances, their health impacts, and the legal viewpoint on substance abuse. Additionally, he addresses the practical considerations when dealing with drug-related issues within family law cases, such as drug testing and the intricate overlap of family law and criminal law. Read More.

Unacceptable Risk in Parenting Matters

Ensuring Child Safety: Unpacking Unacceptable Risks in Parenting Matters


A recent landmark case before the Full Court has clarified our understanding of “unacceptable risk” in parenting matters. Although the concept of “unacceptable risk” is not new, it has been dealt with to differing degrees by the Court. Now, the Full Court has clarified the idea and the approach to determine whether an “unacceptable risk” is present in parenting matters. This article explores the case's background and implications, showcasing the importance of legal expertise. Read More.

family law reforms

Ramsden Family Lawyers Weigh In On The Pros and Cons Of Proposed Family Law Reforms


The Albanese government's proposed changes to the Family Law Act seek to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children in custody disputes. However, the announcement has sparked a heated debate among legal professionals and experts, with some expressing concern over the potential impact of the reforms. As a leading law firm specialising in family law matters, the team at Ramsden Family Law have carefully examined the proposed legislative reforms to the Family Law Act. Our legal experts have evaluated the proposed changes, potential pros and cons and provided an analysis of their implications. Read More.

Domestic Violence Leave

Introducing Paid Family And Domestic Violence Leave To Australian Employment


Australia announces that they are changing family and domestic violence leave from unpaid to paid leave. So, what does this mean for people who have endured domestic violence and their employment moving forward? Ramsden Lawyers, Family Lawyer XXX discusses this in their latest article. Find out more. Read More.

What Is Family Dispute Resolution?


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is an affordable, time-efficient, and collaborative process. It involves the resolution of parenting matters through lawyers, collaborative practice, conciliation and/or mediation, often with a child-focused aim in mind. It is a highly recommended method of resolving your dispute, and it is compulsory to attempt for parenting matters prior to engaging the Court. FDR can be pursued either through the public system, Relationships Australia, or through private mediation avenues, such as the Mediation Collective Read More.

Drug Testing in Family Law Matters


Drug testing may be a necessary process in your family law matter where one party has an allegation of drug use against them. The court may order a hair follicle test, urine analysis, or blood test, to obtain results of a drug test, depending on the circumstances of the matter. It is essential to determine the existence and extremity of any drug use present in a parenting matter to ensure the best interests of the child are not undermined. A positive drug test result will likely affect a parent’s time with the child. This includes recreational drug use, which is less severe than drug use due to dependency but is still taken into account. Read More.

family lawyer

When Is It Ok Not To Send My Child To The Other Parent’s House?


As a family lawyer team, we are often asked “When is it ok not to send my child to the other parent’s house.” The answer to this is often fairly complex as it will depend on the reason the parent does not wish to send the child to the other parents’ house. This can often be addressed by asking the parent the reason they do not wish to send their child to the other parent’s house. Read More.

Signs Of Financial Abuse

Signs Of Financial Abuse Or Control


Financial abuse/control is often described as a “hidden” form of domestic violence that not many people know about. The Sydney Family Lawyers explore what to do if you suspect you or someone you love is a victim of financial abuse. Read More.

Family Violence and Abuse

Family Violence and Abuse


As of 7 July 2012, the new section 60CC(2A) of the Family Law Act came into effect regarding family violence and abuse. The new section requires a court to priorities 'the need to protect the child from physical or psychological harm from being subject to, or exposed to, abuse, neglect or family violence'. Read More.