Tangled Bonds: Navigating Enmeshment in Family Law Matters


A parent and child share a profound bond, usually healthy and supportive, but sometimes it crosses into harmful dependencies. When this bond becomes detrimental, it can lead to enmeshment, a common issue in family law that complicates family dynamics. An enmeshed child may struggle to maintain or build relationships with the other parent due to their overly close bond with one parent. This article explores enmeshment between parent and child, noting the importance of seeking legal support to assist with determining what is in the best interest for the child. Read More.

Family Law Amendments

Family Law Amendments for Parenting - What to Consider


As of May 6, 2024 the Family Law Act has undergone significant changes aimed at enhancing the safety and simplifying the process for families going through separation. In this article. Special Counsel Annabel Murray outlines the recent changes to the legislation and discusses the revised parental responsibilities that focus on protecting the bet interest of children Read More.

Dealing with Difficult People

Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People in Family Law Proceedings


In family law, dealing with difficult personalities is a common challenge. These individuals often exhibit predictable behaviours that, if recognised, can guide our responses. Matthew Shepherd, Special Counsel, shares insights from his presentation at the LegalWise Conference, emphasising strategies to navigate these challenging interactions. One key approach is to refrain from mirroring their confrontational or evasive behaviours. Instead, understanding the underlying emotions—often fear or insecurity—can transform our perspective and response. Read More.

Overseas Assets

Unpacking Overseas Assets in Family Law Proceedings


The complexities of family law extend internationally due to globalization and the ease of international transactions and investments. During separations, settling property involving overseas assets poses unique challenges under Australian family law. In this article we discusses the importance of legal advice for fair division of both domestic and foreign assets, highlighting the difficulties of handling assets outside Australia in property settlements. Read More.


Unpacking the Complexity of Disclosure and Understanding its Legal Implications in Family Law Cases


Our team of dedicated family law specialists brings extensive experience to the table. We understand the nuances of family law cases involving divorce. We offer comprehensive legal support tailored to your specific situation. Whether you're dealing with property settlement issues. For spousal maintenance or estate planning, we have the expertise to guide you. Read More.

Cost Orders

Costs: Without Prejudice


Ending a relationship with a partner is always challenging, especially when children and assets are involved. The process can become even more complex and emotionally draining. For individuals who are separating under the Family Law Act 1975 in Australia, it's essential to understand the legal principles surrounding costs and how they may impact their case. In this article, we explore the legal principles of cost orders and when costs may be awarded against the opposing party. Read More.


Co-Parenting Apps, Technology and Programs: Tools for Effective Communication and Coordination


If you are a parent struggling with your co-parenting relationship, then know that resources are available to you. This article will discuss the many options available to parents to help them communicate more productively and positively and provide opportunities for personal growth and reflection. This is especially important for parents experiencing a high level of conflict in their co-parenting relationship and those currently in litigation. Read More.


Children Travelling Overseas - The Benefits and Risks


Australia is a culturally diverse nation where families have varied backgrounds. Separation can be difficult for parents, whether moving overseas permanently, taking their kids on holiday, or relocating for work. In this article, we discuss parental concerns about overseas travel, the Family Law Act's stance, airport watchlists, and common considerations for families in travel agreements. Read More.

Online DIY BFA

The Pitfalls of Online DIY BFA Prenup Kits: Why You Need a Family Lawyer


In today's day and age, the Internet provides a wide range of resources for various needs, including legal issues. You can find DIY kits online for tasks such as creating Wills or writing contracts, which can appeal to being affordable and convenient. However, for complicated legal matters like Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs) in family law, depending solely on these kits can lead to severe problems and implications. This article discusses the risks of using online BFA kits and emphasises the necessity of getting help from an experienced family lawyer. Read More.