matthew shepherd

Sep 29 2021

Welcome Matthew Shepherd

The Ramsden Family Law team are excited to have welcomed the established Matthew Shepherd to the firm. Matthew joins our growing Sydney team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to his position as Special Counsel. [...]

Same-sex Parents who Separate

Sep 28 2021

Same-sex Parents Who Separate: Who gets the Children

Earlier this year, Partner Reece Ramsden and Associate Sophie Goossens were invited to shed light on the prominent topic ‘Same-sex Parents who Separate: Who gets the children', with the notable BenchTV. [...]

inheritance and property settlements

Sep 22 2021

Will an inheritance impact my property settlement?

If you have received an inheritance or expect to receive one shortly and you are in the middle of a separation, can your inheritance form part of the divisible asset pool? The Ramsden Lawyers team explores the various considerations that go into determining whether an inheritance will form part of the asset pool. [...]

family court merge

Sep 01 2021

Introducing the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

In February 2021, new legislation was introduced to merge the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court. As of 1 September 2021, the new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFC) is in operation. This article discusses the key points and main takeaways of this change. [...]

what is child support

Aug 12 2021

What is child support?

Going through a separation or divorce with a child or children can raise all sorts of questions regarding your financial stability. In order to ensure that your child/ren are well maintained and cared for, you may need to discuss child support with your ex-partner. We explore in what circumstances does child support have to be paid, how you can apply, how it is assessed and the different methods of collection. [...]

rights of stepparents and grandparents

Aug 06 2021

What rights do stepparents / grandparents have?

A child’s relationship with their stepparent or grandparent is something to be cherished as both meaningful and significant. If you are experiencing conflict in your relationship or family unit, you may want to consider what your rights are in relation to spending time with your stepchild or grandchild. The Ramsden Lawyers team explores how the law and Court deal with stepparents and grandparents in relation to parenting. [...]

relocate with my child

Jul 20 2021

What can I do if my ex-partner wants to relocate with my child/ren?

Does your ex-partner want to relocate and take your children with them? We explore how relocation should be handled, how the Courts approach this issue and what you can do if you are concerned your child may be taken overseas without your consent. [...]

can i be forced to immunise my child

Jul 08 2021

Can I be forced to immunise my child?

The current COVID-19 vaccine rollout has stirred up a lot of commentary regarding immunisation, the question being “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate”? This question can become an issue with parents who have separated and don’t share the same views on immunising their child/ren. We explore how this conflict is dealt with by the Courts. [...]

Partner of the Year

Jun 29 2021

Partner of the Year Awards 2021

Family Law Partner, Reece Ramsden, has been nominated as a finalist at the Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Awards 2021. To further, Ramsden Lawyers are finalists for Law Firm of the Year, and Regional/Suburban Law Firm of the Year. [...]

family lawyer

Jun 16 2021

When is it ok not to send my child to the other parent’s house?

As a family lawyer team, we are often asked “When is it ok not to send my child to the other parent’s house.” The answer to this is often fairly complex as it will depend on the reason the parent does not wish to send the child to the other parents’ house. This can often be addressed by asking the parent the reason they do not wish to send their child to the other parent’s house. [...]