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best Sydney family lawyers
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best Sydney family lawyers
Ramsden Family Law Sydney - Gold Coast - Brisbane

In family law matters, a great deal of trust is required between the client and their family lawyer. At Ramsden Family Law, we pride ourselves on our expertise, attention to detail and client-focus, ensuring that you get the best possible representation in the hardest times.

Ramsden Family Law has dedicated offices and staff in the Gold Coast and in Sydney, practicing exclusively in family law. You can be assured that you are supported by a law firm with the resources to get the job done every time, as well as the personal touch that you need. Contact one of the best Sydney family lawyers today.

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Evolve Legal - Fixed Fee Divorce Applications

Fixed Fee Divorce Applications

Divorce is a stressful and difficult experience for you and your family. We aim to make the divorce process as simple as possible by offering fixed fee applications from $800 plus GST, to reduce stress, expense and time. Our lawyers are highly experienced in divorce applications and can offer quick turnaround times.

Parenting Disputes

If you and your ex-partner cannot agree on the care arrangements for children, it is crucial that a decision is made quickly and with the best interests of the children as the paramount consideration. Our lawyers are highly experienced in some of the more complex parenting issues such as contravention of orders, international parenting, grandparent rights and relocation and travel.

Evolve Legal - Parenting Disputes
Evolve Legal - Property Settlements

Property Settlements

If you are separating or thinking about separating it is important to obtain legal advice regarding the division of your assets and liabilities. It is important to remember that there is no one standard approach to property settlements. Each case is unique and our lawyers can guide you through understanding your rights and entitlements.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Usually the first resort in family law matters, dispute resolution and mediation allows parties to discuss the ins and outs of their separation with the guidance of a trained professional. It is usually a more productive and amicable process than litigation and our lawyers will explore whether or not this option is suitable for you to help you reach a swift and cost-effective resolution.

Evolve Legal - Dispute Resolution & Mediation
Evolve Legal - Family Court Representation

Family Court Representation

Going to court is a last resort. However, if parties cannot come to a decision on parenting matters, divorce or financial matters, a Judge may step in and make those decisions for the parties. If you need assistance with court representation, our lawyers are highly experienced and skilled in this setting and are dedicated to getting you results.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic and family violence is an all too common occurrence. If you think that you or your children are in experiencing domestic or family violence, we can give provide you with urgent advice and assistance that will minimise the risk and protect you and your family.

Evolve Legal - Domestic Violence

Why Choose Us

Specialist Team

Specialist Team

Our team of 10 family lawyers only practice family and divorce law so we know what we are doing.

Our <br>Fees


We can offer fixed fees for certain work, payment plans and are up front with our fee estimates.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Our extensive support team ensures each lawyer’s file load does not compromise their efficiency.

Resolution Focused

Resolution Focused

Our experienced lawyers will explore all options to resolve your case without court intervention if possible.