Ramsden Family Law Shortlisted for Australian Law Awards 2024


Ramsden Family Law has been shortlisted for the Australian Law Awards 2024, with Special Counsel Matthew Shepherd named a finalist for Mediator/Arbitrator of the Year. This recognition highlights our dedication to excellence in family law. Read More.

Prenuptial Agreements

Asset Protection: Prenuptial Agreement in the Modern Marriage


In today's world, people often marry later in life, bringing their own assets into the relationship. Prenuptial agreements, or Binding Financial Agreements in Australia, help protect these assets, ensuring a clear framework for financial stability. These agreements, despite their stigma, offer transparency and reduce potential conflicts during separations. Ramsden Family Law Lawyer Natalie Stenzel delves into the evolving perceptions of prenuptial agreements in modern marriages and underscores their importance for asset protection and financial clarity. Read More.

Stamp Duty Exemptions

Understanding Stamp Duty Exemptions in Family Law Property Settlements


Navigating asset division during family law proceedings can often be a confusing and emotional time. Usually, properties are divided between the parties, leading to the transfer of property ownership interests. When a property is transferred due to the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, a stamp duty exemption may apply. In this article, we explore the complexities of stamp duty and the legal framework surrounding stamp duty exemptions in family law proceedings. Read More.


Children Travelling Overseas - The Benefits and Risks


Australia is a culturally diverse nation where families have varied backgrounds. Separation can be difficult for parents, whether moving overseas permanently, taking their kids on holiday, or relocating for work. In this article, we discuss parental concerns about overseas travel, the Family Law Act's stance, airport watchlists, and common considerations for families in travel agreements. Read More.

Online DIY BFA

The Pitfalls of Online DIY BFA Prenup Kits: Why You Need a Family Lawyer


In today's day and age, the Internet provides a wide range of resources for various needs, including legal issues. You can find DIY kits online for tasks such as creating Wills or writing contracts, which can appeal to being affordable and convenient. However, for complicated legal matters like Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs) in family law, depending solely on these kits can lead to severe problems and implications. This article discusses the risks of using online BFA kits and emphasises the necessity of getting help from an experienced family lawyer. Read More.

Grey Divorce

The Rise of Grey Divorce: Understanding the Complexity of Grey Divorce and its Legal Implications on Older Couples


Our team of dedicated family law specialists brings extensive experience to the table. We understand the nuances of family law cases involving divorce at an older age. We offer comprehensive legal support tailored to your specific situation. Whether you're dealing with property settlement issues. Spousal maintenance or estate planning, we have the expertise to guide you. Read More.

Oversharing on Social Media

The Impact of Oversharing on Social Media in Family Law Proceedings


Family law disputes are emotionally taxing for couples going through the separation process. Some may take to social media to share details and update their friends and family on their separation. However, with the introduction of s114P in the Family Law Act on May 1, 2024, this can become a criminal offence. In this article, Matthew Shepherd, Special Counsel at Ramsden Family Law, discusses the risks of social media in family law cases and offers alternative approaches. Read More.

Supervised Time

Understanding Supervised Time: Safeguarding the Well-being of Children


When a dispute arises over a child’s safety, one of the considerations may be whether a child’s time with the other parent should be supervised to mitigate any risk of harm. Our dedicated team of family law specialists at Ramsden Family Law understands the nuances of these challenging situations. Whether you're dealing with parenting disputes, family violence, or custody battles, we have the experience and expertise to support you. Read More.

Drug Testing

Science, Drug Testing, Substance Abuse and Family Law: Marrying the Science With the Law


Unfortunately, substance abuse is increasingly common in family law and requires the utmost empathy and care especially when navigating children’s welfare. In this article, Accredited Family Law specialist Daniel Rod explores the detection of substances, their health impacts, and the legal viewpoint on substance abuse. Additionally, he addresses the practical considerations when dealing with drug-related issues within family law cases, such as drug testing and the intricate overlap of family law and criminal law. Read More.