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Matthew Shepherd

Matthew Shepherd

The dispute resolution process which separating spouses choose to use has a big impact on the quality of agreements reached, and how effectively agreements are implemented.

Ramsden Family Lawyers help clients focus on great outcomes, including what is the process best suited to individual clients to achieve those outcomes. Continue reading for more on our mediation Sydney services.

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Matthew Shepherd

Matthew Shepherd is an expert at helping separating spouses reach good agreements through mediation Sydney. He can work with both parties as a neutral mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner or arbitrator. Alternatively, he can help just one party prepare for and engage in negotiations, mediation and other dispute resolution processes.

Matthew is an accredited mediator, registered family dispute resolution practitioner, and registered family law property arbitrator. He is an accredited family law specialist.
Matthew can customise a dispute resolution process to meet the needs of individual clients. Here are some typical options, and costs.


Matthew can offer normally dates for pre meetings within a few days, and for joint mediations sessions within a few weeks.

Here is Matthew’s availability for joint sessions.


As a mediator and dispute resolver.


Short videos from Matthew on mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution process options.

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Ramsden Mediation Pricing

Lawyer Assisted Mediation Lawyer Assisted Mediation

Matthew’s fees for two pre meetings, reading and a full day mediation is $5,500 (inc. GST); or $2,750 (inc. GST) for a half day (4 hours). This fee includes room hire for two rooms.

Parties Attending Mediation Without Lawyers Parties Attending Mediation Without Lawyers

Matthew normally suggests when parties are attending on their own, to keep sessions to 4 hours (or less). The fee for two pre meetings, and a 4 hour joint session is $2,750 and GST for 3 hours. This fee includes room hire for two rooms.

Arbitration Arbitration

TOTAL $14,500 (inc GST) 0r $7,250 (inc GST) each party, if equally shared

  • 3 hours for reading $2,000
  • 2 hours preparing APA and planning meeting $1,500
  • Full day hearing $5,500
  • Writing or arbitral award $5,500

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Specialist Team

Specialist Team

Our team of 10 family lawyers only practice family and divorce law so we know what we are doing.

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Quick Turnaround

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Resolution Focused

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