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Annabel Murray

Special Counsel

Annabel Murray
Annabel Murray

Annabel Murray is a highly accomplished family lawyer with extensive experience in all aspects of family law. Since starting her legal career in 2003, Annabel has gained experience in commercial law and litigation. However, it was in 2006 that she discovered her true passion for family law and has since primarily focused her practice in this area.

Annabel’s dedication to family law is evident through her remarkable achievements and credentials. Annabel is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, a qualified independent children’s lawyer, and a collaborative law practitioner. Furthermore, her influence extends beyond her practice as she is a respected member of the NSW Law Society Family Law Committee. She has also made significant contributions as a past NSW Law Society Accreditation Committee member.

Throughout her distinguished career, Annabel has successfully navigated various family law matters, including parenting, property, divorce, child support, and maintenance. Her expertise in property-related cases covers both complex and non-complex scenarios, showcasing her profound understanding of intricacies involving third-party interests, trusts, and corporate entities.

In parenting matters, Annabel adeptly addresses challenges such as international relocation, child recovery, families dealing with the impact of family violence, and the well-being of children with special needs or those exposed to risks like substance abuse.

Annabel’s approach to her legal practice is marked by her skilful use of various resolution methods, encompassing both formal negotiations and informal discussions. Furthermore, her impressive track record of representing clients in court underscores her ability to provide unwavering support precisely when needed.

Annabel Murray has a genuine passion for forming collaborative partnerships with her clients, working relentlessly to guide them toward achieving their desired outcomes while meticulously tailoring her approach to their unique circumstances when finalising their family law matters.

Annabel is deeply committed to her clients, and her profound expertise in family law makes her an indispensable asset to Ramsden Family Lawyers.


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