In today’s digital landscape, where screens dominate our interactions, our firm has always believed in the irreplaceable magic of face-to-face connections, especially in the personal services area of family law. Guided by this philosophy, our team at Ramsden Family Law, a frontrunner in family law Sydney and beyond, recently curated an evening distinctly different from traditional gatherings. This unique event, the ‘Sip and Socialise’ evening, unfolded at the delightful L’uva Pasta & Wine Bar in Sydney. While it served as a refreshing break from our daily routines, it became a hub for genuine, personal networking within the legal community.

Overview – ‘Sip & Socialise’

The ‘Sip and Socialise’ evening, celebrated within the circles of family law Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and other legal and business sectors, attracted a diverse spectrum of professionals. With a rich amalgamation of expertise, this varied presence led to enlightening dialogues, shedding light on the freshest trends, challenges, and solutions in family law. The event also showcased the value of firms allocating resources to cultivate networking opportunities that transcend beyond purely transactional. The gathering offered a welcome respite from the ordinary and a platform for interacting with colleagues in a more laid-back setting. The event’s primary goal was to convene legal and business professionals from various fields, enabling nurturing personal and business relationships. This dynamic environment facilitated a broader network, enabling participants to establish personal connections, recognise faces behind names, and explore potential referral alliances. Ultimately, this contributes to an enriched advisory approach for clients, enhancing their overall experience.

Benefits Of In-Person Networking Events

Networking forms the backbone of our profession, especially for family lawyers. By cultivating relationships beyond the transactional realm, family lawyers can gather insights, methodologies, and experiences that transcend their individual domains.

As the practice of family law continues to evolve, particularly in hubs like Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, firms are investing more than ever in deepening relationships. Events like ours, a departure from regular seminars, present an informal yet impactful setting for peers to converse and collaborate. The goal is clear: to weave a network where family lawyers and business professionals from different specialities can forge lasting bonds, expand business opportunities, and explore potential collaborations. This approach ultimately provides enhanced benefit for our clients.

A memorable moment from the event was the presence of our Operations Manager, Angela Kurtz, Partner Lauren Blud, and Senior Associate Lachlan Boyle. Their journey from the Gold Coast to Sydney underscored the importance we place on these get-togethers. This blending of our Gold Coast and Sydney teams demonstrates an ongoing commitment to developing the highest standards of best practice and the ability to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

While digital avenues continue to shape the professional world, nothing can replace genuine in-person interactions. The value of personal relationships is immeasurable in personal services areas such as family law, be it in Sydney, Brisbane, or the Gold Coast. As proud family lawyers at Ramsden Lawyers we’re at the forefront, ensuring this personal touch thrives, even in today’s digital age.


If you’re navigating the complex landscape of family law in Sydney, Brisbane, or the Gold Coast, you deserve representation that’s knowledgeable and deeply connected within the industry. At Ramsden Family Law, we pride ourselves on being at the intersection of expertise and genuine interpersonal relationships. Our dedication to fostering connections ensures you get holistic, well-informed counsel. So, don’t leave your family matters to chance. Contact our seasoned family lawyers today and experience a comprehensive, collaborative service tailored to your unique needs. Let us be your guiding hand in the world of family law. Contact us now!