presumption of parentage

Presumption of parentage: you are not the father


Recently, a loving father who lost his 20-year-old son in 2019, discovered a devastating lie after the child’s mother sent him a chain of text messages two years after the child’s death.Throughout the child’s life, the father lived with the child’s mother until he was seven, then shared custody of him and contributed to expenses and paid $400 a week in child support until the child turned 18. Read More.

can i be forced to immunise my child

Can I Be Forced To Immunise My Child?


The current COVID-19 vaccine rollout has stirred up a lot of commentary regarding immunisation, the question being “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate”? This question can become an issue with parents who have separated and don’t share the same views on immunising their child/ren. We explore how this conflict is dealt with by the Courts. Read More.

owns an embryo

Who Owns An Embryo?


Deciding who owns embryos in the event of separation and the need to reach an agreement now to avoid conflict and uncertainty. Read More.