The Ramsden Family Law team are excited to have welcomed the established Matthew Shepherd to the firm. Matthew joins our growing Sydney team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to his position as Special Counsel.

Matthew has specialised in family law since 1990, becoming accredited as a family law specialist by the New South Wales Law Society in 1996. Matthew is also a highly experienced family law mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner, arbitrator, and collaborative practitioner. Prior to joining the Ramsden family, Matthew ran his own successful ­­­­practice Shepherd Family Law. The integration of our two firms will excel the expertise of not only our Sydney practice, but the proficiency of our Queensland locations as our teams continue to collaboratively serve our clients.

In conjunction with his onboarding the Sydney family law team have now expanded to a new office location, enabling the firm to offer specifically tailored rooms for Matthew’s mediations. Our new location at 6/15 Castlereagh Street, will be open to clients once COVID-19 restrictions ease. Matthew’s mediation pricing will be as follows:

Lawyer Assisted Mediation

  • 2 x pre meetings, reading and full day mediation is $4,400; or $2,200 for a half day (4 hours)

Parties Attending Mediation Without Lawyers

  • 2 x pre meetings, 4 hour joint session is $2,200; or $1,650 for 3 hours


$12,000; or $6,000 per party

  • 3 hours for reading
  • 2 hours preparing APA and planning meeting
  • Full day hearing
  • Writing or arbitral award

Whilst Matthew is an experienced court advocate, he helps most of his clients reach good agreements through dispute resolution processes other than court. He works with clients to consider not only the best legal and financial outcomes for their family, but also to consider the best dispute resolution process to achieve those outcomes. The choice of dispute resolution process has a big impact on the quality of agreements reached and how well they are implemented. Matthew has a Masters of Dispute Resolution (Honours) from the University of Technology Sydney, where he taught Dispute Resolution Advocacy from 2014 to 2020. Here are some of Matthew’s published writings on family law, negotiation and dispute resolution.


To learn more about Matthew and his expertise, qualifications and memberships please click here. Alternatively if you would like to get into contact with Matthew Shepherd please click here for his availability, or contact us at 1300 749 709.

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