Mar 25 2022

Can my ex partner claim on my estate when I die?

Can my ex-partner claim on my estate when I die [...]

owns an embryo

May 31 2021

Who owns an embryo?

Deciding who owns embryos in the event of separation and the need to reach an agreement now to avoid conflict and uncertainty. [...]

Prenuptial Agreements

May 10 2021

The Basics of Prenuptial Agreements

We explore the scope of what a prenuptial agreement - a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA), is an agreement between couples made before a marriage or de facto relationship. [...]

Signs Of Financial Abuse

May 10 2021

Signs Of Financial Abuse Or Control

Financial abuse/control is often described as a “hidden” form of domestic violence that not many people know about. The Sydney Family Lawyers explore what to do if you suspect you or someone you love is a victim of financial abuse. [...]

entitled to in a divorce

May 10 2021

What am I entitled to in a Divorce if I earn little or no income?

If you’re facing, or in the middle of, the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, you’re probably wondering who gets what – especially if your ex-partner met most (if not all) of the expenses for the family. Rest assured that other non-financial contributions will generally be taken into account and weighed up against direct financial contributions. [...]